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About Us

We provide seed stage capital and provide incubation support to passionate and capable entrepreneurs who are working on big problems in core areas such as energy and infrastructure. We focus on companies that are building technology or leveraging technology for building sustainable infrastructure for the 21st century.

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Our Credo

Our investment philosophy is based on a few straightforward dimensions:

  • - The entrepreneur(s) and the core team
  • - Clarity of vision and purpose in terms of the problem they are passionate about tackling
  • - Aspects of the problem or opportunity:

    • Size – Are you tackling a large enough problem?
    • Complexity – Is the problem complex enough to provide competitive differentiation to a well developed solution?
    • Marketability of the business proposition - Is the Customer willing to pay for the solution?
    • The Business Model – Can you make money at the price the customer is willing to pay for the solution?
    • The level of potential Risk - Evaluation, Exposure and Assessment.
our investment focus

As a firm we prefer to invest at the seed stage or very early stage business with a view to providing hands on support and mentorship to the entrepreneur(s). We like ideas that are:

  • - Futuristic and push the boundaries of innovation
  • - Leveraging technology to address real world/hard asset challenges
  • - Focused on sustainability & sustainable business models
our manifesto

To catalyse and enable seed stage businesses in sustainable infrastructure

To promote and enable the spirit of entrepreneurship

To tap into new horizon opportunities and solve problems through technology applications

To adopt a flexible engagement model as an investment partner

Our basis of investment

We consider many aspects before making investments but our core basis of investment lies in the following principles:

  • People and the Leadership behind the idea, concept and the business plan
  • The importance and emphasis of people in the whole business
  • The degree, nature, difficulty and complexity of the problem and the approach, application and methodology of solving the problem
  • The opportunity created through this problem solving approach

Our Portfolio

At Agami Ventures we have partnered with a set of businesses at various early to very early stages of the business lifecycle guided by our investment philosophy. Some of our investments are:

Scorpius Trackers is an energy technology company that focuses on Solar energy equipments, solutions and services.

Glowship is a one of its kind marketplace for energy and environment related products, solutions and services.

SenseHawk is an aerial intelligence company that is using Artificial Intelligence Driven UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) solutions to transform the way organisations design, build and manage real assets

SunnyBee is an omni-channel approach through branded retail outlets (Marts), branded sales trucks (Bees), store in store partnerships, corporate wholesale and online and offline delivery.

PinkBlue, an integrated supply chain solution for clinical and medical supplies in India, dealing in materials and equipment used by healthcare institutions during treatments.

Reach Us

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T: +91 22 26432068